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 Welcome to CatShow.com, the most comprehensive resource about Cat Shows and Showcats on the Internet. Unlike other sites of its kind, CatShow.com is not associated with one particular registry, but it is an international resource for all cat shows.

 Why Cat Shows?
Cat shows are wonderful events for learning about the almost 40 pedigreed cat breeds currently being carefully bred by dedicated cat fanciers around the world. By attending a cat show, you can meet with breeders and make arrangements for bringing your next feline family member into your home. Cat shows are also excellent places to buy cat specialty items that can not be found at your local general pet supply store. Rescue groups are often sponsored by cat clubs and offer abandoned and orphaned cats for adoption that are looking for caring, permanent homes.

 Breeders attend cat shows to obtain the expert opinion of cat judges on the progress of their breeding programs and to compare the quality of their cats with others. For them, it is both a social and educational event, where feline anecdotes, husbandry tips, and good wishes are exchanged.

 Many shows have special events for Household Pets, where non-pedigreed cats are judged on the basis of health, temperament, and grooming by the judges. Some shows have special competitions for youngsters, where they can display their knowledge about cats in front of a judge.

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Shows are listed on this site free of charge. Send information about your club's upcoming show to: featherland@earthlink.net






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